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Bright Minds Coaching | Surrey RTT Coach
“You don’t have to control your thoughts. You just have to stop letting them control you.”
~Dan Millman

Being a teen can be confusing at the best of times but in these days of technology and pressure it is even more challenging.

Hypnotherapy for teenagers is a safe therapy which helps children and teenagers release deep rooted negative beliefs which may have been picked up from school, television, the media or even within families. These negative beliefs lead to insecurities which often lead to negative habits and anxiety.


The everyday stress of life such as peer pressure, school and exam stress, or just feeling like they don’t fit in lead to anxiety which results in low self confidence and low self esteem. 


Hypnosis is a very calm and simple way to get them back on track and to help them feel in control and on top of things. Hypnotherapy gives them the tools to help them to cope with situations they come across in every day life. Anxiety often has several causes, and affects teens in several ways. For this reason I offer an extended programme where I can work with the teen to ensure the issues all all properly dealt with.

It is a good idea for parents to have a hypnotherapy session for themselves so they understand what happens and can discuss it with their teen. It will also help the parent to cope with their own stress, to restore balance and to bring about a positive change in themselves. You have a big influence on your children and how you react and interact with the world has an enormous impact on them.

The Anxiety Programme for Teens:

3 months

2 x RTT sessions

2 x personalised recordings

3 x coaching sessions

Weekly Emails


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