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The power of your subconscious mind

How much of your life and your reality do you control? Have you made conscious decisions to be where you are today, or has your life and simply evolved? So much of our experiences are controlled by our past programming. The beliefs that are installed in us by things we’ve heard, experiences we’ve had and things we’ve witnessed. Your levels of success and the income you earn can be limited by those beliefs, as well as the type of relationship you’re in and the way you feel about yourself. What you expect often tends to be realised.

The mind’s number one job is your survival. You will think between 50,000 and 70,000 thoughts every day, with up to 95% of those thoughts the same as the thoughts you had yesterday. Approximately 80% of your habitual thoughts are negative. Your brain is hardwired to pay more attention to the negative thoughts and experiences than to positive ones, as it needs to be alert to danger (both physical and emotional) and ensure your survival. Your subconscious mind is your habitual mind. It stores and automatically repeats learning experiences, skills ,habits and beliefs whether they are positive or negative. Your survival is ensured by helping you to avoid emotional and physical pain. We create meaning around events and experiences that we encounter as we go through life. The conclusions we come to are then carried through to our adult life and cloud our experiences and outcomes. Have you ever sat down to think about where you got your beliefs about money? Perhaps you think that you will always be poor, or that there is never enough money? How about your beliefs about love, or your own identity? 

Your conscious mind is your creative mind. This is your personal identity and where you have your short term memory. You think, plan and analyse here and this is also where your focus and cognition is. 

Through hypnotherapy you can uncover exactly what those subconscious beliefs or blocks are. Understanding in hypnosis is incredibly powerful, and allows you to release those negative beliefs that are not serving you and holding you back. Now you have the space to embed new and empowering beliefs and new habits and allow you to reach your potential. You can reach the goals you set for yourself, allow yourself to make plans and an amazing vision for your life.

Your potential is limitless if you believe it. 

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